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Joe Mixon

Star Recruits Warned About NCAA Fine Print

  There is no time in which promises, potentiality, and pleading are more celebrated than during college football recruiting and the upcoming National Football…


Oklahoma: The Blackest State of All-Time

 I remember when I was doing my externship at the U.S. State Department in 2003 in  Washington D.C.,  I had a to work hard just to convince my friends that  there  were actually Black people in Oklahoma!  However, Oklahoma not only has a rich history involving Black People.  I argue that Oklahoma’s Black History is [...]


Thousands of Oklahoma Black Native Americans Cheated Out of Heritage and Inheritance

Recently the newspapers across the nation ran headlines and stories about the Cherokee Nation’s Supreme Court upholding  the rule of law by ruling that the 1866 Treaty signed after the Civil War  with the United States of America was still the good law.     ”The Cherokee Constitutional Amendment of March 3, 2007, by virtue of the provisions [...]

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When Less Is Much More!

Earlier today within the span of only 10 minutes, I observed three little boys come out of their garage and play with hockey sticks,…

OU Football Pic

The Reveling Character of Sports

In my 20 years of being involved in high level sports as a players, athletic department consultant, and sports attorney, I have learned that…

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The True Measure of Education

With so much emphasis on testing these days, we must make sure we remember that  the mere parting and memorization of information is NOT…


But Everybody Else Is Doing It

I recently came across this add from the 60s, and was blown away that at anytime U.S. Doctors would openly endorse the consumption of cancer…

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Creating More Black Lawyers Desperately Needed

The Pipeline Project directed by Damario Solomon-Simmons informs, inspires, and empowers inner-city students to seek, find, and maximize education, career, and social opportunities available…

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Strong Black Men Are Created by Strong Black Men

Attorney Damario Solomon-Simmons discusses his Foundation’s focus on Black males and his solution-oriented Program featuring national experts Etan Thomas, Boyce Watkins, and David Miller…