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Wow, Having A Father Really Feels Good!

I thank God for placing “fathers” like my maternal grandfather, William “Daddy” Brown (RIP); my father-in-law A. Winston; cousins, @Stan Ransom and @Clyde Polk;…


4 Things To Do If Arrested

Almost nothing is more terrifying, unnerving, and embarrassing than being arrested.  Here is a list of 4 things what you should do if you…

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A Real Right To Work Bill

Oklahoma Policy Institute‘s bill HB 2168 which will make it easier for Oklahomans with a felony record to obtain job licenses to work will…

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dss and boys

Just Do It!

Being a great mentor is not about money, status, or titles, but love, time, and commitment. Like and share if you agree! #AllIn 

OU Football Pic

The Reveling Character of Sports

In my 20 years of being involved in high level sports as a players, athletic department consultant, and sports attorney, I have learned that…

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Creating More Black Lawyers Desperately Needed

The Pipeline Project directed by Damario Solomon-Simmons informs, inspires, and empowers inner-city students to seek, find, and maximize education, career, and social opportunities available…

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Attorney Helps Single Moms Raising Boys

SOURCE: Kendrick Marshall/ Tulsa World Gabie Castaneda says she doesn’t always have ready-made answers to some of the questions her two children grill her…


Attorney Is “All In” For Young Black Men

Source: Kendrick Marshall/Tulsa World Tulsa attorney Damario Solomon-Simmons still can remember looking to the bleachers during sporting events as a young athlete and his father…