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All-In For Our Young Men: Weekend Calls Black Men to Action

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According to the latest U.S. Census Bureau report, more than 25 million children now live apart from their biological fathers. That’s a 15.3 percent increase (eight to 23.3 percent) from 1960 to 2006.  Worse, nearly two in three (65 percent) of   black children live in fatherless homes, and almost 80 percent of those children can […]

Diversity – Inclusion = Pointless

Mr. Smith

The trans-formative power of diversity is  NOT  realized when the focus is only on including those of a different race, class, color, gender, etc., with the expectation that the new “recruits” conform to the traditional norms, beliefs, and ideals of the majority.  Instead, the immense benefits of diversity ONLY occur when the focus is instead on honestly […]